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Who Is Chef P ?

Phyllicia Pringle better known as Chef P, hails from humble beginnings and is an only child, raised by a single and hard-working mother in Jamaica. Watching as her mom and aunt prepared new savory dishes from their homeland of Westmoreland, Jamaica. Chef P never left their side— not even in the kitchen. At the young age of 4, Phyllicia always wanted to assist with kitchen tasks such as: mixing the batter to Jamaican pudding or rum cakes, rolling out pastry dough for gizzadas, or her aunt doing something so simple as blending spices to marinate meat. In assisting with these tasks, she soon began to develop a love for cooking - inspired by how foods were used to not only tell a story, but to convey cultural ideas and bring people together. 


Over the years, she would host events at home bringing family and friends together— not a summer would pass without one of Chef P’s famous cookouts. Her love for culinary didn’t end there! After years of traditional college, her father suddenly passed away and she received her sign to pursue her calling and continue his legacy as a culinary artist. She attended Lincoln Culinary Institute (LCI), where she mastered various techniques, including pairing cultural foods/drinks and combining herbs and spices to curate unique flavors. Learning all of this on her journey, Chef P now a restaurant consultant and personal chef,  creates her own recipes, spices, seasonings, and sauces. Chef P values creating elegant and authentic family-style dining experiences for her clients. Stick with her, her journey and story are just being drafted!

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